Rookie Mistake: Don’t Forget to Register NPS Server in AD

I have been playing around with NPS for a while but today was the first time I had ever set up an Network Policy Service Server on a Member Server in a domain. I then wanted to use it as the Primary Server for Authentication for one of our RADIUS clients but couldn’t figure out why I wasn’t getting Authenticated, I had set it up exactly the same as my other NPS Servers. Checking the Event Viewer I noticed that I was receiving the Event ID 4402 reporting that “There is no domain controller available for domain %1”. A lot of posts out on the Internet were leading me in the direction of DNS issues or Firewall issues but none of these were the issue. I then found this post by Geoff @ UVM and it became very clear what I had forgot to do! I forgot to Register the NPS Server in Active Directory. As soon as I had done that, everything started working as expected!

To Register the NPS Server in Active Directory:

  1. Open the NPS management console
  2. Right-click on NPS (Local)
  3. Click on Register server in Active Directory

I won’t forget that one again!

Until next time!


4 thoughts on “Rookie Mistake: Don’t Forget to Register NPS Server in AD

  1. eldigital911 says:

    wow can’t believe I had this issue as well! I was looking at ridiculous solutions when it was this all a long! THANK YOU!

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