Welcome to CtrlF5.me

This website started out when I was an engineer with the purpose to “refresh me” (hence the CtrlF5/Refresh domain name) on tips and tricks I found out along the way in my career in the IT Industry.

Today it has evolved to being more of journal of some of the challenges I have faced, thoughts on topics I am passionate about, posts on technologies I stumble across and any other information that I feel might be relevant to me in the future… and hopefully relevant to you also!

Who am I?

I am Phil Scott, and I’m Infrastructure and Workplace Technology Manager in the APAC region for a global company. Please note that the views and expressions on this site are my own and not of my employer’s!

With over 18 years experience in the IT industry, starting from an IT Traineeship and progressing through the ranks in Desktop Support, System and Network Administration to Infrastructure and IT Operations Manager,  I have built up a fair bit of knowledge in many areas, and thoughts about topics I am passionate about which I will try and share here.

Outside of work, I enjoy reading and learning, spending time with loved ones and most importantly… challenging myself with new problems to solve.

What am I about?

Today, just like most in the industry, we are challenged to achieve more with less. How do we optimise our processes and services to ensure the best value for our business? How do we implement new solutions, features and enhancements with constrained budgets and limited staff? How do we bring in the next generation of technology specialists that do more than just technology, but also partner with the business, solution with them and continue to increase the value to the business? More importantly, how do we retain this talent within the business?

My day to day challenges are now less technology focused these days compared to a decade ago and I am loving it!

If you would like to get in contact, please view Linked In profile.

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