6 ways to create an amazing agile team | Atlassian Blogs

Today, as manager of an IT Operations team, that also has a backlog of initiative work for improving business systems and tools and works in a business that is transitioning through Agile practices, it has been a real challenge getting a typically waterfall type team to jump on the Agile bandwagon. I’ve been selling it to the team for more than 12 months now though today’s team has changed significantly since the team 12 months ago. 

My team has more focus on its responsibilities. More experience and skills. More thoughts and more questions. 

When selling Agile, it has been tough. It is challenging for me and the team but I don’t believe it is impossible. I had even been asked to revisit the reasons why I believed in using Agile in our team. 

This article from Atlassian, I believe, explains the key things needed to have an Agile team… and most importantly… it doesn’t have to be a development team. 


For me, the transition continues and I have all the patience it takes, so long as we continue to change and adapt to our learnings. Even if we are an IT Operations team. 

Until next time!