Atlassian HipChat Now Free!

Today on the train trip into work, I was reading through my normal news feeds and was excited to read the title “HipChat is now free for unlimited users” and so I had to click through to find out more. Atlassian had posted on their HipChat Blog this fantastic announcement. In summary, they are basically offering a free “Basic” version which will allow Group Chat and one to one messaging. There will also be a “Plus” version which will include video calling and unlimited searchable message history.

Check it out for yourselves!

Until next time!

Another Atlassian Upgrade – Confluence 4.3

We had been running Confluence 3.5 for some time now and have been meaning to upgrade for so long, but it has been one of those things where I felt that I should upgrade JIRA first and because I just never got round to upgrading JIRA, I just never got around to upgrading Confluence. There is always something with a higher priority to work on. Well over the weekend, I completed the upgrade to version 4.3. This is not the latest version, but is the latest version we can upgrade to before upgrading to the latest version. The upgrade went quite smoothly and today, there has only been one issue which is more of a plugin issue than a Confluence issue.

Running through the upgrade in the test lab first is definitely a key part of having a smooth upgrade!

Until next time!

Finally… upgraded Atlassian JIRA

This weekend, I finally upgraded our Production instance of Atlassian JIRA to the latest release 5.2.11. It has been a long time coming really. I mean, we were still running 4.2 which I installed back in November 2010. I had been planning to upgrade JIRA at the end of 2011, but because of the complexity of doing a Manual Upgrade along with not having enough time to dedicate to the entire process, it kept getting delayed. Over the last month and a bit I had managed to do a test upgrade and migration to a new Windows Server 2012 server. It went smoothly and so I scheduled the upgrade of the Production environment.

The upgrade went mostly smoothly. I did get an error after the data import which was a bit daunting, but after restarting the JIRA service and reading through the logs it looked like it completed successfully and clicking around there didn’t seem to be anything wrong or missing. To make the migration even more challenging, I introduced proxying the JIRA instance through IIS using Application Request Routing. This is something I hadn’t used yet, but will probably play with some more. I also added changing the URL from http://server/jira to, so there was redirect rules required. To top it all off, I also decided to migrate our existing Confluence across to the same new server as JIRA along with using the IIS proxying with ARR and make the same URL changes as JIRA.

The next step… start planning to upgrade our production Confluence instance to the latest release… have to upgrade to Version 4 first and then up to 5. Fun times ahead 🙂

Until next time!